Enhanced Communication Technology


ECT technology and product developments have been installed in a multiple applications - by a large number of satisfied partners.

  • Wireless Alarm and communication units for Health Care
    • Alarm/Communicator for elderly people
    • General purpose communication units
    • Pager with full communication support
  • Wireless Telephony
  • Wireless Intercom for noisy environments
    • Formula1 technical teams
    • Super Yacht racing teams
    • Nuclear Power Plants
    • Helicopter
    • Fast Food chain
    • Retail
  • Wireless Voice Recording

Flemming L. Christensen, Inventor and co-founder of Voicebird Aps:

We had an idea for a product that we wanted to commercialize. With no previous experience in software and hardware development, we entered a partnership with ECT for the entire process from the very first feasibility studies to installing the product with an EMS for mass production. The experience with ECT in general has been valuable for the project, they have provided guidance and input beyond the agreed R&D responsibility.

Christian Prevel, Technical Manager, ComuFrance:

We were exposed to an end-of-life situation with our DECT conference systems. The systems are designed for professional use by for example police force, workers in the nuclear power plants, on-board in helicopters etc..These customers are quite demanding. We entered co-operation with ECT for a fast development of a new DECT solution fitting in the existing housing. In less than 5 months we had a new and even better solution ready for mass production.